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I am a Berlin-based neurotech venture analyst, biomedical master's student and artist making surreal, science-inspired paintings. I'm also the founder of Osmosis, a Berlin-based movement bringing together diverse minds to drive progress, discovery and culture across art, science and tech. I previously studied biology and worked in neuroscience research. I am originally from Boston, USA and lived in Chile and Spain before settling in Berlin. Bridging the gap between science, tech, and art, I seek to drive progress through collaboration and creativity.

In my scientific and venture capital career, I surround myself with those working to deepen human understanding of the body and brain. I aim to stay current with the latest developments in research and play a part in bringing innovative ideas and technologies to fruition.

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My artwork is very much inspired by my love of science (especially biology and astronomy) and science fiction. My pop-surrealist style, developed with influence from artists such as Rene Magritte and magical realist literature, allows me to mix several ideas and themes into one painting to create dreamlike worlds. With my work, I hope to remind people to consider the beauty of nature and the cosmos, and the tiny place we occupy within it.